Exploring Awareness


Join Mukti for an expansive program where you’ll learn how to know yourself differently…not purely as an individual doer, but as a being who is inherently connected to everything.

You’ll be guided through 10 grounding and heartfelt meditations, each of which is designed to help you cultivate deeper listening and a sense of openness that’s inclusive of all beings. Along the way, you’ll also learn how to hold more compassionate space for yourself and for the unique part you play within the whole.

Experience yourself and the world around you with more depth and clarity. And as you step into each moment afresh, take with you a spirit of discovery.

Day 1: Exploring Awareness of Alignment Day 2: Exploring Awareness of Thought Day 3: Exploring Awareness and Identity Day 4: Exploring Global Awareness and Listening Day 5: Exploring Awareness of Emotion Day 6: Exploring the Source of Awareness Day 7: Exploring Heart-Centered Awareness Day 8: Exploring Non-Dual Awareness Day 9: Exploring Primordial Awareness Day 10: Exploring Embodied Awareness

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