2021 FastAPI Full Stack Web Development (API + Webapp)

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I am a self-taught programmer who loves to code.

I was not at all Interested in Programming when I entered college. Electronics requires equipment, and buying equipment was quite difficult for me at that time. I saw my fellow mates making projects in Image Processing and that inspired me, because If I have a laptop and If I choose to be a programmer I don’t need to buy other hardware. I came to this programming world because of scarcity but now I love it.


There is so much we can do and contribute just to writing few lines which at first might be difficult to understand and look fuzzy but deep inside it runs the world. It also helps me understand how things are built on top of each other. I build a project and opensource it, someone loves it, learns from it and they build something. We all are part of a bigger community, sometimes without even knowing this fact. Each line of code that we write can bring a change in the world.

2021 FastAPI Full Stack Web Development (API + Webapp), Free Tutorials Download

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