Filmmaking with Blender – Create your own animated Short Film



In this course I’m going to explain step by step how I did it, I will give you all my filmmaking tips and tricks and I will show you all the files I created in order to complete the film. This course is for all levels and everyone interested in filmmaking skills and animation.

Together, we are going to see how to:

  • Find an idea for a film
  • Write a story
  • Define an Artistic Direction
  • Work on Character Design
  • Create an environment
  • Make a script
  • Build a storyboard
  • Organize the project
  • Start 3D modeling
  • Work on textures
  • Build a rig for your characters
  • Prepare the staging
  • Do the animation
  • Set up the lighting
  • Place the cameras
  • Render your images
  • Finalize the compositing
  • Enhance the project with music

By the end of this course you should have a good understanding about the pipeline, the resources and skills needed in order to make your own animated short film.

I will primarily use Blender which is an open-source 3D software, but this course is not about teaching you Blender.Being familiar with this software is definitely a plus but it is not required in order to follow the course.

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