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I’m currently working on two projects.

First, DeepIntuitions is my attempt at bringing more talent into the field of AI. I feel not enough courses out there are kind enough to newcomers in this field.

DeepIntuitions course focuses heavily on an intuitive understanding of Deep Learning and aims to make the subject a lot more approachable to people just starting out.

My other project is Shelly Robotics, which is building an AI robotics solution for warehouse pick and pack.

I believe that the current single-task-oriented approach to robotics is the wrong approach. Instead, we should prioritize the breadth of experiences for robots and imbue AI systems with more general intelligence through task-agnostic training.

AI robotics is on the verge of a breakthrough in the coming decade and is poised to replace a large portion of the manual labor workforce. Shelly Robotics is aiming to lead this transition in a way that’ll most benefit humanity.

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