Find Your Style – an Actionable Guide to Develop Your Illustration Style


About This Class
A fun, practical guide to find your illustration style with hands on drawing projects. Explore the different ways to draw shapes, lines, textures, and colors. Develop your unique art style, faster!

The traditional advice for finding your style as an artist is ‘Draw tons and tons, eventually your style will emerge.’ Well yeah, you can aimlessly draw a ton of stuff and you’ll eventually land on a style. But in my experience intentional, directed practice has dramatically sped up the development of my visual style. So let’s find your illustration style, faster!

My name is Brooke Glaser. I’m a professional illustrator and a Top Teacher on Skillshare. I’ve helped over 100k+ like you level up both their art and their creative careers. You can find my art on kids clothes, greeting cards, gift wrap, magazines, and more.

In this style class, we’re gonna explore different ways of visually expressing shapes, lines, textures, colors. You know, all the those visual elements that form what you art actually LOOKS like. We’ll learn from artists you admire by integrating what you love about their work into your own, but in a way that’s unique to you. You’ll finish the class with a series of 4 illustrations in your brand new style.

For those of you like me who suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome and are always eager to try on a new style? We’ll discuss:

Ways to work in multiple styles
Having confidence in your work
Comparison and strategies for dealing with it.
This class is a fun, practical guide to finding your style.

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