Flamenco Guitar Techniques – Part 1 (Adv. Beginner-Intermediate)


Flamenco Guitar Techniques – Part 1 (Adv. Beginner-Intermediate)

What you’ll learn

  • Play Flamenco Guitar

  • You should know some basic guitar chords.


In this course, you will learn all the important and defining flamenco techniques as well as a detailed method with which to practice and refine these techniques.

Flamenco can be broken down into structural components that make understanding and performing Flamenco relatively easy. In this course, you will receive important insights and tips to help understand Flamenco as well as play flamenco guitar as a soloist and accompanist.

6 complete pieces are taken apart and learned step by step in the form of in-depth video tutorials.

Included in the course is rhythmic flamenco metronome to hone your flamenco rhythms as well as all the notes in standard and tablature notation.

Flamenco is not just complicated guitar compositions and superhuman voicings it´s a rich tradition that can be enjoyed on many levels and in many scenarios. This course is your gateway to a whole new world and way to enjoy making music and interacting with your guitar!

Who this course is for:
  • This course was designed for the absolute flamenco newbie.


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