Foolproof Concept Painting with Airi Pan

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Foolproof Concept Painting with Airi Pan

This course was developed by concept designer and illustrator, Airi Pan, to share with you her many concept art painting methods, since they are so varied and widespread. Over 9 lessons, Airi will teach you numerous methods of painting while simultaneously giving some insight as to how concept art functions within the entertainment industry as a whole, and provide you with a brand new outlook on concept art.

Airi will provide demonstrations and give assignments that will explore topics like light and color, photorealistic painting, photobashing, speedpainting, and presenting your work so that, by the end of the course, you’ll have the skill sets you need to be able to compose incredible images for film, video games, or animation.

This course encapsulates exactly what people would look forward to most when expecting a course from Airi Pan, and she presents her vast knowledge of concept painting in a way that is, well, foolproof!

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