Business English

English language course for professionals: Learn English communication, speaking & writing from real business examples.

What you’ll learn

  • Improve your career opportunities by becoming an expert in speaking English
  • Learn essential vocabulary, business terms and expressions used at the workplace
  • Improve your english communication skills and know what to say and what not to say to your colleagues and clients to become more efficient
  • Master your Professional English skills for business situations like meetings, sending emails, negotiations, giving feedback and more
  • Learn through examples from real business situations
  • Real-life example sentences to use during various situations at work
  • Get access to a list of practiced example sentences and expressions to use during various situations at work


  • Basic English Proficiency


BUSINESS ENGLISH focuses on essential knowledge you need, for improved communication, using the English Language at your work.

It is an ESL course for those who want to improve their English in the business scenario and speak English professionally at work.


    • This course will guide you through various situations at work- you will learn English grammar, public speaking, listening, writing and vocabulary.
    • You will learn from extensive course materials like list of business english vocabularyexample sentences from real business situations, phrasal verbs, idioms, slang expressions, writing emails, giving feedback and more.
    • Whether you want to improve your English language skills for your current job or you’re looking for a new job that requires Business English, this course will be a great help!
    • This course focuses on examples from the American business environment, so if you want to find a job in the US or if you work for a multinational company, then this course can be very helpful.
    • It will take a around 3 hours to complete this course. The detailed lectures with tips and examples will improve your communication skills in any professional scenario in English speaking countries.

Who this course is for:

  • Business Professionals whose first language is NOT English, but they need to use English frequently at work
  • Students who want to improve their English Conversations Skills for better job opportunities
  • Professionals who work in the US and want to improve their English Conversation abilities to succeed in their job
  • Foreign Professionals who work in an English-speaking country and want to improve their English Conversation Skills


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