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Crash Course Electronics was designed for one thing — to take you from mystery to mastery in Electronics and PCB Design. This massive course was custom made for those interested in learning electronics from the ground up that wish to leverage that knowledge to build actual printed circuit boards (PCBs). There is no other course like this in existence that has the depth and breadth of Crash Course Electronics. The course starts with atomic physics and the electron, before you know it you are learning Ohm’s Law, circuit analysis, AC, DC, complex impedance, RC and RL circuits,  filters, amplifiers, transistors, FETs,  analog and digital theory — too much to list here!

But, unlike other courses that are highly technical and math based. Crash Course Electronics was designed to be taken as a journey with the instructor. Each lecture building on the last, each new concept like a new puzzle approached in many different ways. The most complex topics and mathematical concepts are distilled down into understandable lectures and we have a lot of fun doing it! I had to learn this stuff at one point and remember how hard it was, so I approach each lecture as if we are both learning for the first time and make no assumptions about what you know or don’t know.

As we progress through the lectures, expect to see every circuit and idea worked out on the black board, virtually simulated (with Labcenter Proteus), and built by hand right in front of your eyes in high def, ultra clean video and audio. Not only will you learn all the theory and practical aspects of Electrical Engineering, but my 35+ years of experience with electronics will be downloaded to your brain with countless real-world tips and tricks that will take you from a hobbyist to a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Then when we have all the basic electronic theory under our belts, buckle in for something you have never seen — we will build, not one, not two, but three complete products! We will talk about the design, the motivation, look up parts, background information, and then design the circuits together like colleagues, lay them out in Altium CircuitMaker, route them, verify and produce manufacturing files. If that wasn’t enough, we will take those files and go out on internet and send them to a number of online manufactures and get them ready for production, all you have to do is hit SUBMIT!

Last, but not least — the course is based on my college text book “Design Your Own Video Game Console” aka “The Black Art of Video Game Console Design” — this 800+ page book is included free of charge (the PDF version) with the course. Although, we won’t be talking about game consoles in this course, we will be using the text for its theory, electrical engineering and PCB design chapters.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone interested in learning electronics and/or printed circuit board design.
  • Programmers interested in learning about how the machines they code with actually work and the electronics inside them.
  • Electrical or Computer Engineering students that would like to see what the major is all about end to end as a head start in their degree.
  • Someone that is a hacker/hobbyist that has some experience with electronics, but wants to take it to the next level and obtain a much deeper understanding of electronics and circuit analysis/design.

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please enable resume capability for the download links. After 5GB or so, download resumes afresh.
Otherwise, download will take too many iterations to complete.

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Please use the software i told for reducing the size . 50GB will turn into 15GB(almost close to it). OR please upload it to external websites like google drive or mega drive.


Can you please tell which books and courses you followed for developing websites like this? It will be very helpful.


Thanks Ho.
Is this 2021 course?


God bless you. Thanks.


These links are not working properly. Server automatically closes the connection after some time causing the download to start from the beginning.


I tried three times again and it is still doing the same thing, something is interrupting the download (100% sure it is not from my end) and because no resume capability is enabled, it is basically asking to download from start.


@Julian : I was facing same issue. Please download it without VPN. Then, it finishes without issue.


hi ho can you reupload this course


Hi ho can you reupload a google drive of this course


Could you please upload a google drive of this course


Could you post an updated google drive link of the course?


Updte link not working


Can you re-upload “REWA iPhone Chip Level Motherboard Repair Course”


Can you re-upload “REWA iPhone Chip Level Motherboard Repair Course”???


Please provide new google drive links. Currently none of the links are working. Thank you.


Thank you very much. I am waiting for it.


Thanks for all the efforts. If you want to save some data, you can compress the videos (do lossless compression) using videoproc or similar software. It decreases size by 70% on most and by 50% or more on others. (Convert them to .avi format for getting 50% or more size reduction). Thanks again.

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