Azure Kubernetes Service with Azure DevOps and Terraform

Welcome to this Amazing course on Azure AKS Kubernetes – Masterclass | Azure DevOps, Terraform.  Below is the list of modules covered in this course.

  • Create Azure AKS Cluster using Azure Portal
  • Docker Fundamentals
  • Imperative Method: Kubernetes Fundamentals using kubectl
  • Declarative Method: Kubernetes Fundamentals using YAML
  • Azure Disks for AKS Storage
  • Custom Storage Class, PVC, and PV
  • AKS default Storage class, PVC and PV
  • User Management Web Application Deployment with MySQL as storage using Storage Class, PVC, and PV
  • Azure MySQL for AKS Storage
  • Kubernetes Secrets
  • Azure Files for AKS Storage
  • Ingress Basics
  • Ingress Context path based Routing
  • Azure DNS Zones – Delegate domain from AWS to Azure
  • Ingress and External DNS with Azure DNS Zones
  • Ingress Domain Name based Routing with External DNS
  • Ingress SSL with LetsEncrypt
  • Kubernetes Requests & Limits
  • Kubernetes Namespaces
  • Kubernetes Namespaces – Imperative
  • Kubernetes Namespaces – Limit Range
  • Kubernetes Namespaces – Resource Quota
  • Azure Virtual Nodes for AKS
  • Azure Virtual Nodes Basics
  • Azure AKS Virtual Nodes Mixed Mode Deployments
  • Azure Container Registry for AKS
  • Integrate Azure Container Registry ACR with AKS
  • Azure AKS Pull Docker Images from ACR using Service Principal
  • Pull Docker Images from ACR using Service Principal and Run on Azure Virtual Nodes
  • Azure DevOps with AKS Cluster
  • Azure DevOps – Build and Push Docker Image to Azure Container Registry
  • Azure DevOps – Build, Push to ACR and Deploy to AKS
  • Azure DevOps – Create Starter Pipeline
  • Azure DevOps – Release Pipelines
  • Azure AKS – Enable HTTP Application Routing AddOn
  • Azure AKS Authentication with Azure AD and Kubernetes RBAC
  • Azure AKS Cluster Access with Multiple Clusters
  • Azure AD Integration with Azure AKS for Authentication
  • Kubernetes RBAC Role & Role Binding with Azure AD on AKS
  • Kubernetes RBAC Cluster Role & Role Binding with AD on AKS
  • Azure AKS Cluster Autoscaling
  • Azure AKS – Cluster Autoscaler
  • Azure AKS – Horizontal Pod Autoscaler HPA
  • Azure AKS Production Grade Cluster Design using AZ AKS CLI
  • Create Azure AKS Cluster using AZ AKS CLI
  • Create Azure AKS Linux, Windows, and Virtual Node Pools
  • Deploy Apps to Azure AKS Linux, Windows, and Virtual Node Pools
  • Provision Azure AKS Clusters using Terraform
  • Terraform Command Basics
  • Terraform Language Basics
  • Provision AKS Cluster using Terraform
  • Create AKS Cluster Linux and Windows Node Pools
  • Create an Azure AKS Cluster using Custom Virtual Network
  • Provision Azure AKS using Terraform & Azure DevOps
  • Kubernetes Architecture
  • Pods
  • ReplicaSets
  • Deployments
  • Services – Load Balancer Service
  • Services – Cluster IP Service
  • Services – External Name Service
  • Services – Ingress Service
  • Services – Ingress SSL & SSL Redirect
  • Services – Ingress & External DNS
  • Services – Domain Name based Routing
  • Imperative – with kubectl
  • Declarative – Declarative with YAML
  • Secrets
  • Init Containers
  • Requests & Limits
  • Namespaces – Imperative
  • Namespaces – Limit Range
  • Namespaces – Resource Quota
  • Storage Classes
  • Persistent Volumes
  • Persistent Volume Claims
  • Services – Load Balancers
  • Annotations
  • HPA – Horizontal Pod Autoscaler
  • CA – Cluster Autoscaler
  • Config Maps
  • RBAC – Role & Role Bindings
  • RBAC – Cluster Role & Cluster Role Bindings
  • Virtual Kubelet
  • Secrets – Image Pull Secrets

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