Oil & Gas Energy Review 2021


The Webinar covers the BP (British Petroleum Company) Statistical Review of the World Energy Trends of 2020.

This shows current status quo of energy and common trends such as the renewable sources that are increasing rapidly.

The Main focus is into oil and gas, but does not limits only to these. It focuses on coal and other sources as well.

Common Aspects considered:

  • World Consumption (per region, capita and country)
  • Production (fuel types, energy sources, etc.)
  • Proved Reserves (oil, gas and coal)
  • Types of Energies & alternative Fuels (hydro, nuclear, bio, etc…)
  • Carbon Emissions
  • Much more!

Common Sources included in the Report: Oil, Gas, Coal, Nuclear, Electricity, Carbon Emissions, Wind Energy, Solar, etc…

This course is extremely recommended if you will continue with the following:

  • Oil & Gas Courses
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Petrochemicals
  • Industry and Manufacturing
  • Energy Production
  • Electricity Production

Theory-Based Course

The course is a review of the files of BP reports. There is no practical exercises and it is recommended for a single sit session, although not limited to this.

At the end of the course:

You will know the relevant sources of Energy used in the World. Based on 2019-2020 years, this is great for engineers as well as people in any industry that focuses in energy. You will be able to identify why Oil & Gas are still relevant sources of energy, identify Countries with the largest amount of proved reserves as well as countries in charge of production. It also focuses on countries and regions that consume the most of oil, gas, coal and other energies.

About your instructor:

I majored in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Industrial Engineering back in 2012.

I worked as a Process Design/Operation Engineer in INEOS Koln, mostly on the petrochemical area relating to naphtha treating. There I designed and modeled several processes relating separation of isopentane/pentane mixtures, catalytic reactors and separation processes such as distillation columns, flash separation devices and transportation of tank-trucks of product.

Who this course is for:

  • Engineering Students
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Petrochemical Engineers
  • Oil & Gas Industry Personnel

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