Freelancing Fundamentals Free Download
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Freelancing Fundamentals, FreeTuts Download

Freelancing Fundamentals, FreeTuts Download

Freelancing Fundamentals – Freelance Education, Wage Contract with English subtitles

In this course, author and seasoned freelancer Tom Geller shows you how to prepare for a transition to freelancing. Begin by taking a look at your career goals, the systems that will support you, and proper ways to plan for success. Find out how to marshal your resources, refine your portfolio for presentation to clients, and estimate your costs to avoid any surprises on the financial front. Plus, discover how to create invoices, manage your books and taxes, expand your client base with marketing, and grow your business.
A bonus chapter covers common questions freelancers have when entering the field.

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Freelancing Fundamentals, FreeTuts Download

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Language: English
Teacher: Tom Geller
Level of training: 
Training time: 2 hours + 12 minutes
File size: 1460 MB

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