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Dr. Sridhar Swaminathan is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science Engineering, Bennett University, India. He is a Consultant for Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Personal Learning. He is also a YouTuber running a channel named Majaa Matrix to teach AI and Data Science technologies (53 hours content) in the Tamil language.


Between 2018-2020, he was actively involved in the nation-wide Project Leading India AI lead by Dr. Deepak Garg. He has conducted 64 workshops (16/24 hours of theory+practical at each venue) on AI and Deep Learning, 61 sessions (2 hours each) in Faculty Development Programs and 11 webinars (1-2 hours each) to this date.


Formerly, He worked as a Post Doctoral Fellow in Bennett University from June 2017 to December 2018. He worked as a Research Officer in the Multimedia University, Malaysia. He completed his Ph.D. in the Department of Computer Science, Bishop Heber College, India under the guidance of Dr. Rajkumar Kannan.


He works mainly on Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing research problems. His research interests include Video Summarization, Super-resolution, Personalized Multimedia Retrieval, Visual Saliency Detection, Object Detection & Tracking and Sentiment Analysis.

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