Fundamentals of English Grammar Beginner to Intermediate


My name’s Keehwan Kim and welcome to my teacher profile page.

I have been a language teaching professional since 2005, teaching mainly English to Korean learners, but also teaching Korean to English speakers.

I have been creating online courses on and off since 2016, but since 2019, I have moved away from classroom teaching and have been creating Korean language courses.

I love everything about teaching and learning languages. I think best analogy of language learning is of trying to go up an escalator that’s coming down. You have to work hard to make forward progress, and if you stop trying, it’s easy to lose all that progress you have made.

Many of us live in environments where interacting with the language you’re learning is extremely difficult, but I hope my courses help you to engage with Korean and help you to make forward progress towards your language learning goals.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions! 🙂

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