Future Education 2014 in Farsi Free Download
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Future Education 2014 in Farsi, FreeTuts Download

Future Education 2014 in Farsi, FreeTuts Download

Future Education 2014 in Farsi

After Effect is a software for designing special effects. In 2014, the software also uses 4-D effects. Sharing projects between multiple computers and easy access to shared files is another feature of post-war software. Using the Edge tool in this application keeps more details when removing background elements. The VFX tool is used for photo stabilization and accurate photo editing. When editing a movieYou can change the way the camera is displayed and manage the project in different ways. In this application, if you close the project by mistake, the content of the editing file will remain constant while the software is opened. The more famous CC effect is because of the CineWare plugin, because it uses this plugin to effect the whole project used in cinema 4d software and performs the necessary work on the project. Just to work with this plug-in should have a good system so that we can see the high-quality project in the next-generation effects simultaneously with the work. Effect cineWare is a layer in the form of a layer that you can enter the project.
During training in 2014 with the After Effects Mac possibilities and features of this software to learn the Persian language.

Part I:
1) Installing the software and plugins
2) Explaining the initial discussion of the post-impact and comparing it with the power of the directories.
3) Creating a composite and constructing the context for inserting and editing the video as well as the use of the composite within the other composites.
4) Explain the Window Menu
5) Explain the Preview and Project Panel and Effect & Preset and Composition
6) Explain the Time Line and its Tools as well as the Work Area and How to Cut the Video
7) How to Add Effects to the Layers
8) Brief Explanation And a whole range of tools including Select and Rotation and mask making and object creation and Layer menu

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Part II:
1) Delete dark and dark pixels using the Mode for Transparent and Determine The underlying layers of that layer
2) A more detailed description of the masks
3) Creating a KeyFtame and a detailed explanation of this topic.
4) Explaining the Text Layer, Creating and Editing Text and Farsi in After Effects.
5) Editing Object and Layer in 3-D Space Space (Rotation and … in 3D Space).
6) Working Transform objects for transferring objects
7) Explain Ancher Points and the point of gravity of objects
8) Create a camera and work with the Camera Layer

Part 3:
1) Continue the camera discussions
2) Explain Depth Of Field (the same focus point) Depth of View (Camera)
3) Crop Compositions
4) Explain the editor graph to adjust the object’s acceleration
5) Explain the Parent and create the citizenship of an object or nationality A specific feature of an object relative to another object
6) Explain the path of an object with a mask and copy Path created And edit the mask object path
7) Explain the Adjustment Layer for impact on the underlying layers.

Part 4:
Continue the topic of copying and editing the path to another object.
2) Explain the Light layer and create light and lighting.
3) Explain Layer Style.
4) Slow Motion. On the

side of the fifth part:
1) explain the masks and edit them
2) explain the Track Matt and show the parts of an object in black and white or Transparent object ( movie or photo ) other
3) Create PreComposition to influence the layer leaving Adjustment (transfer layer to the other composition)
4) working with the Brush tool to draw the desired shape and Transparent part of a layer
5) Clone tool for duplicating The custom of a layer
6) Tool for Papet Pin Tools and animation of the desired layer
7) Roto Brush tool to select and Transparent part of the movie
8) Explain the Motion Sketch Panel to move the object to the desired path manually
9) Explain the Smother Panel to smooth the path
10 ) Explain the Wiggler panel to create vibration in the path
11) Track the film to add a layer in a movie that appears naturally and simultaneously with the film
12) Explain the Null Object layer to match other layers from itself

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Part sixth:
1) explain the Solid layer
2) fully describe the installation, as well as plug-in Element 3D (3-dimensional objects to create powerful plug)
3) example of 3D text animations
4) The Auto Trace feature to create a layer mask (textLogo and …) and 3D mask created in Element 3D
5) Use Brush to draw custom text and 3-D in E3D
6) Use the Shatter effect to split and crush the desired object.

Part 7:
Comprehensive description of the camera layer. 2) Comprehensive description of the Trapcode Form plugin and creating the image in the Form, and synchronizing the sound and song with the Form Particles and creating Formula-
3 particle responses. 3) Making abstract particles and using OBJs made. In the 3rd-dimensional software in Form

1) the complementary description of the Form Plug and the creation of an abstract particle
2) Comprehensive Trapcode Particular Plugin and particle motion in the desired path with Emitters
3) Particle Launch When dealing with object
4) particles create a MacParticular particles are made of particles.
5) Dust particles.

Part 9:
1) Detailed description of Form and Particular plugins.
2) Explain Trapcode Mir effect and smoke and fire simulation.
3) Explain the effects of Adobe Similation part which is an important part. For simulation, it includes effects:
– Balll Action to create layers (film and text and …) of ball particles
– Drizzle to create waves
– Hair to simulate hair
– Mercury to simulate mercury from layers
– Polly for Making Pollygun
-Rainfall particles to create rain drops
– Statterize to spread layers of particles
– Snowfall to create snow
4) Work out a sample

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Part 10:
1) How to render

Info Tutorials/Courses

Language: Farsi 
Level of training: Elementary, Secondary, Advanced 
Training time: ~ 26 hours + 
File size: 1809 MB 

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Password : freetuts.download

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