German Easily Explained – Prepositions



What you’ll learn

  • 45 essential prepositions of the German language

  • How to use them within each category

  • How to combine multiple prepositional phrases in one sentence


  • Students should have finished level A1

  • A good understanding of the grammatical genders and cases is useful, though a short revision section on these two topics is included

Hallo zusammen! Herzlich willkommen zu diesem Kurs.

German Easily Explained is a series designed to bring you hands-on, no-fuss explanations about selected grammar topics. The internet is full of lengthy, long-winded descriptions, but that is not what us Germans are about – we like to get to the point!

This series is not intended to replace your German course or language learning app. It is meant to be an additional tool which you can refer back to time and time again. You will need a little bit of background knowledge of the German language. This series is aimed at native speakers of English or those with a good understanding of the English language.

In this episode, we’ll go through 45 of the most important German prepositions and establish how to use them and when to use them. The prepositions in this course will allow you to get to a really good level of German and hold any everyday conversation you could come across. There are several quizzes, accompanying PDFs as well as additional exercises for you to continue practising your Deutsch.

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I’d love to have you on board!

Viele Grüße


Who this course is for:

  • Learners of German as a foreign language in levels A2 to C2 who would like to have a comprehensive and accessible course on the German prepositions

Teacher of German as a foreign language

Hallo zusammen! My name is Lisa and I’m a teacher of German as a foreign language. I’m a native speaker of German and also hold a degree in English and German Linguistics and Literature. Besides being a teacher in adult education, I am also a freelance translator and copywriter. I am based in Manchester, UK.

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