German for You A2 – B1 – Grammar, Elementary to Intermediate


If you are studying German anywhere from the beginning of A2 until the end of B1, this course is for you!

How does a German ‘complain himself’? What is the difference between ‘kennen’ and ‘wissen’? Why do I need three different ways of expressing the subjunctive mood? And where do I place the word ‘nicht’? These and many more questions will be answered in this course.

You will learn all the important German grammar points and more on an elementary to intermediate level (A2 to B1). Please make sure that you have covered the A1 grammar points as they are a prerequisite for this course. You can check the lecture/topic list of my A1 grammar course  to see which topics exactly are concerned.

I will illustrate the grammar points with many real-life examples that are translated in-course, so you will be able to pick up quite a bit of vocabulary as well. There is also a pdf-worksheet attached to almost all lectures with exercises, and some of them contain additional information.

The German language levels concerning grammar (A1-B1) don’t have a clear-cut curriculum. Some topics are typically taught on certain levels but depending on the course they might come up sooner or later. So if you switch courses, you might miss out on some material. To give you a better orientation, I added the levels to my course lectures in which the topic typically appears first.

Lecture (A2): usually comes up in level A2

Lecture (B1): usually comes up in level B1

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Lecture (Plus): Often not or not covered in the common level-oriented curriculum

In my experience, the A2 topics are of interest to intermediate learners because in common textbooks they are often brought up but not worked out in detail. Many learners go into the B1 level with a lot of A2-questions unanswered. That’s why I included them – in detail, with hopefully all questions answered.

I hope your learning experience will be splendid! And now let’s get started – Los geht’s!

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