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Hi, I’m Jennifer Agostini. I help the world release stress, become more aligned with their intuition, profoundly connect to those that matter most, and build the confidence to live life wholeheartedly. I’m a yoga and meditation teacher, a mindfulness and visualization guide, and a literary writer.

I have been teaching yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for over ten years and have been facilitating processes to create more authentic belonging and connection for nearly two decades.

I honour the Vedic lineage through my teachings and ambitions, which is a 5,000+ year old lineage originating in India. Over the years, I’ve received knowledge and wisdom from my primary teachers in India, Canada, Bali, Australia, and Thailand. It has been a massive commitment of mine to embody the knowledge and wisdom that I learn. I am on the path of creating greater and more profound connection within my own life every single day; and I am grateful to be able to support the rest of the world to do the same.

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