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What you’ll learn

  • Social Media marketing
  • Facebook organic reach
  • Facebook algorithm


  • Know the basics of Facebook


Marketeers claim that “organic reach is dead“. In fact, organic reach is now more important than ever and it’s only because marketeers do not use the Facebook algorithm in order to slimline their Facebook management and obtain their full potential.

A brief discussion of the evolution and the theory behind the logic of the Facebook Algorithm will discuss the rational that lead Facebook to develop and evolve the use of the Facebook algorithm and how it relates to organic (free) reach.


In turn the need and value of organic reach, which will lead to virality (additional free traffic) will be explained and practical ways of obtaining such viral traffic will be explained.

The course will explain the way that the Facebook algorithm works and will provide valuable insights ion how you can use the algorithm to your advantage.

The course will also provide tips on how you should manage your business Facebook page, what to look out for and what to focus on.

The course also addresses the pros and cons of using an inhouse digital marketing team vs using a digital agency and explains what each business owner or marketeer should expect from his digital team or his agency.

Who this course is for:

  • Marketing staff
  • Digital marketeers
  • Social media managers
  • Small business owners


Get FREE reach and make Facebook work for you, Free Tutorials Download

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