Get Started with SQL Server in 30 Minutes (for beginners) Free Download
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Get Started with SQL Server in 30 Minutes (for beginners) 1

Download Tutorial Get Started with SQL Server in 30 Minutes (for beginners)

Hi there! My name is Artemakis Artemiou and I’m a Senior SQL Server & Software Architect and a former Microsoft Data Platform MVP (2009-2018). I love talking about SQL Server, .NET and related topics and make it easy for all to understand, by using a simple and understandable language.

This has been the motto for my entire career, over the past 15 years: “Keep things simple“. I’m here at Udemy to share my expertise with you, in an exciting and interactive way.

Don’t you sometimes want to just learn the basics of a well-established technology in order to get started fast and easy? If this the case, then this course is for you!

This course, is a quickstart for SQL Server databaseSQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and Azure Data Studio. The course contains lectures and comprehensive live demonstrations.

Within 30+ minutes, we will talk about SQL Server, SQL Server Management Studio and Azure Data Studio.

Via 3 live demonstrations, we will install SQL Server on Windows, as well as install SQL Server Management Studio and Azure Data Studio, connect to the SQL Server instance and navigate through database objects.

Below, you can find the structure of the course:

SQL Server and Related Management Tools

  • About SQL Server
  • Official SQL Server Management Tools
  • Quiz

Installing SQL Server

  • Installing SQL Server (Lecture and Demo)
  • Quiz

Connecting to SQL Server and Working with Databases

  • Installing and Using SQL Server Management Studio (Lecture and Demo)
  • Installing and Using Azure Data Studio (Lecture and Demo)
  • Quiz


  • What we’ve Learned in this Course

Learning More

  • Bonus Lecture

After completing the course, you will be able to easier attend other, more in-depth courses on SQL Server.

See you inside the course!



Who this course is for:
  • People that need a quickstart for SQL Server
  • People that just started using SQL Server
  • People that want to start using a world-leading RDBMS such as SQL Server
  • Technology enthusiasts that want to learn the very basics of SQL Server via a short course

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Get Started with SQL Server in 30 Minutes (for beginners) 2

Download Free Tutorial Get Started with SQL Server in 30 Minutes (for beginners)

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