Getting a Good Night ‘ s Sleep


Sleep is as essential to our overall health and well-being as food, water, air, and shelter. That said, a good night’s sleep can sometimes seem like an elusive event, especially during challenging times. That’s why it’s helpful to have daytime and nighttime practices you can turn to to ease your body and mind for sleep, take a restful nap during the day, and help you fall asleep (and stay asleep) at night.

In this program, Richard Miller, founder and chairman of the iRest Institute and the developer of iRest meditation, explores why sleep is so important, what happens when we sleep, what happens when we are sleep deprived, and how evidence-based iRest meditation can support deep and restful sleep. He offers you tips and affirmation practices you can use before bed to help you fall asleep or back asleep when you wake up in the middle of the night. And, to help you prime your mind and body for a good night’s rest, he also offers you a bedtime yoga nidra for deep sleep, a 12-minute nap to restore your physical and creative energies during the day, and three shorter iRest practices—one, three, and five minutes long—that you can use throughout the day to be more accepting of the present moment so that when bedtime comes you’ll feel more at ease.

Support your body and mind with these practices that can help you rest well and be able to live better.

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