Getting started with Linux Administration


This course has been developed by Peter van der Weerd and Pim Leemans; two Dutch Linux / UNIX contractors/instructors with a combined experience of over 45 years in teaching- and working with- Linux in over 25 countries.

The course has been developed for anyone who wants to broaden their Linux skills; from novice to intermediate students.

It follows the LPIC 1 101-500 exam requirements, but is very suitable for preparing for other Linux fundamentals exams as well. And of course you can take the course without having to enrol for an exam!

The course material is NOT Linux biased so can be used to study Debian / Ubuntu Linux, as well as Red Hat / CentOS or Suse.

The credo that the course developers uphold during the course is “learning by example“. Peter has already successfully applied this to his video series on NetApp as well.

The course guides you from novice to intermediate administrator on any Linux platform. And if you do find that you have questions that you would like to ask, then you can contact the developers directly.

Using VirtualBox as the Hypervisor solution for the course, implies that the Linux installation does not have to interfere with your existing Windows / Mac OsX installation. And of course both VirtualBox as well as the Linux distributions used are free of charge!

These are the topics that are being covered:

  • Section 1: History of Unix and Linux
  • Section 2: Installation of VirtualBox and Linux
  • Section 3: Introduction of the CLI
  • Section 4: Working in the Shell
  • Section 5: File management
  • Section 6: Symbolic Links and Hard links
  • Section 7: Working with streams
  • Section 8: Monitoring processes
  • Section 9: Execution priorities
  • Section 10: Regular Expressions
  • Section 11: Editing text
  • Section 12: File Permissions
  • Section 13: Debian package management
  • Section 14: CentOS package management
  • Section 15: Dynamic libraries
  • Section 16: Hardware settings
  • Section 17: Booting your system
  • Section 18: Run-levels and boot-targets
  • Section 19: Managing partitions
  • Section 20: Mounting filesystems
  • Section 21: Maintaining Filesystems
  • Section 22: The Filesystem hierarchy
  • Section 23: Linux as a Virtual Guest
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The total amount of video footage is close to 8 hours..!

Apart from the Topics, there will be Exercises, Quizzes and loads of Demos.

Once you have completed the course, there is a final video “Are you prepared for the exam?” that will provide you with tips and tricks to further help you prepare for the exam if desired.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to get a solid introduction to Linux and Linux Administration.
  • If you have prior experience, then this course can strengthen your skills and fill in the gaps.
  • For LPIC 1 101-500 exam students. This course will be a definitive study resource.
  • The course is not biased and is applicable to all major Linux Distributions. (RedHat/Debian/Ubuntu/Suse/Mint)

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