Go: Concurrency and Design Patterns for Gophers

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Go: Concurrency and Design Patterns for Gophers – Collaborative Learning and Pattern Design in Gu Language

Design patterns make developers’ lives easy by effectively addressing common problems faced during development applications. Google’s Go is an open source programming language that helps you build effective and reliable software. The language has proven to be a powerful option in many software development domains.

This Learning Path begins with a brief introduction to Go programming, essentials and quickly moves on to explain the idea behind the creation of design patterns. You will learn how to apply the 23 Gang of Four (GoF) design patterns in Go. Next, you will explore the CSP’s concurrency patterns, the “killer feature” in Go that has helped Google develop software to maintain thousands of servers. You will then use the majority of Go primitives to write concurrent apps and also develop some classic designs with parallel structures to maximize parallelism. You will see how a classical pattern can become more complex if you need it to work concurrently; However, the idea is to understand concurrent primitives so that you know how to write your own concurrent design patterns using the knowledge taken from this Learning Path.

By the end of this Learning Path, you will understand and apply design patterns in an idiomatic way that will produce concise, readable, and maintainable software.

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Manufacturer: Pakkt Publishing
Language of instruction: English
Teacher: Ankita Thakur – Curator
Level of training: Elementary, Secondary
Time of training: 7 hours + 30 minutes
File size: 1580 MB

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Password : freetuts.download

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