Go Microservices & Kubernetes


This course explores how to build microservices in Go and deploy them on Kubernetes to create reusable components that can be fully managed in the cloud. We’ll talk about what a microservice is and its overall architecture. We’ll then take a look at the Go programming language, its benefits, and why it works well for building microservices.

You’ll also get an intro to Kubernetes including what it is, what it is used for, and the key components that are needed to get a microservice from code to be exposed on the internet.

We’ll then combine these three services to do an example use case where we’ll build a microservice in Go and deploy it on Kubernetes. Finally, we’ll look at CI/CD integration with GitHub and Google Cloud and how you can automate your deployments.

Learning Objectives
Learn about microservices and their overall architecture
Learn about the Go programming language and why it’s good for building microservices
Understand how Kubernetes can be used to deploy microservices
Learn about CI/CD with GitHub and Google Cloud
Intended Audience
This course is intended for engineers throughout the tech stack or anyone who wants to get their feet wet in DevOps and learn how programs can be managed in the cloud.

There are no essential prerequisites for this course. However, we recommend that you have:

Experience with at least one high-level programming language, whether that be Java, Python, or Ruby
A conceptual understanding of Linux containers and/or Docker

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