Golang + Lambda Masterclass (EARLY-ACCESS)


What you’ll learn

  • Start from the basics and go all the way to connecting with other AWS Services like API Gateway, S3, SQS, DynamoDB, Cognito, Kinesis, SNS, SES etc all with enterprise “best practices”.
  • Master the Go-Lambda microservices, and worker development using various projects including the one using Go Gin framework, and another for data warehousing using Go-Lambda ETL pipelines.
  • Learn advanced concepts like infrastructure-as-code using Cloudformation, Lambda Cold-starts, dead-letter queues, security best practices, IAM roles & fine-grained policies for Go-Lambda.
  • Get an understanding of Gin web framework, go modules, interfaces, unit tests using mockery, logging best practices, and various patterns.

Golang + Lambda Masterclass (EARLY-ACCESS), Free Tutorials Download

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