Google Assistant development with Java & Spring & Dialogflow Free Download
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Google Assistant development with Java & Spring & Dialogflow, FreeTuts Download

 Google Assistant development with Java & Spring & Dialogflow   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Build your first Google Assistant Application using Java and Spring Boot framework
  • Review the step by step process of creating a project under Actions on Google platform
  • Learn how to build conversational actions on Dialogflow using contexts
  • Understand the basics of Actions On Google Java SDK library


  • Some knowledge on REST principles
  • Basic understanding of Java and Spring Boot framework
  • Willing to follow along the process of building the application
  • You don’t need an actual Google Assistant device to test the application



Welcome to my course on building your first Google Assistant Application using Java and Spring Boot framework.

I am happy to present you the step by step process of building the application that will be integrated with your own Google Assistant device.

But first, what is a Google Assistant?

  • is Google’s voice assistant
  • offers voice commands, voice searching, and voice-activated device control, letting you complete a number of tasks after you’ve said the OK Google or Hey, Google wake words
  • a personal assistant that it’s used globally

Why you should create a Google Assistant application?

  • you can customize your interaction with your Google personal Assistant in the way you want
  • learn how Google Assistant actually works
  • impress your friends by showing what your Google Assistant device is capable of doing
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What will we build under this course?

  • will build a simple Book Management Collection Application that will provide us the flexibility to interact with the Google Assistant
  • we use the most popular Java based framework on the market (Spring Boot) in order to build our application
  • how do we store data you might ask? For this we will use MySQL Database
  • create our Google Assistant actions under Dialogflow and communicate with our Java back-end service using a bonus tool that I will present called NGROK
  • setup the infrastructure of building your own Actions On Google project requirements

Do you need a real Google Assistant device to take this course?

  • You don’t need a real device
  • I will show you different ways to test the application under simulators
  • Will show you how this application runs on a real Google Assistant device

Do you need to know Java or Spring Boot framework to build this app?

  • Not really. I will explain the entire process of building the application from scratch/you will learn on the go. But indeed, if you know Java and/or Spring Boot it will help you on your way.

I am happy to help and respond to any questions you might have on your course journey.

Now…let’s build together this app for Google Assistant.


Who this course is for:

  • Developers that want to build Java applications that easily be integrated with Google Assistant device
  • Anybody that wants to understand the process of integrating a backend server with Google Assistant
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Download  Google Assistant development with Java & Spring & Dialogflow  Free

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