Guided Mindfulness Meditations to Heal Unworthiness Free Download
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Guided Mindfulness Meditations to Heal Unworthiness, FreeTuts Download

Guided Mindfulness Meditations to Heal Unworthiness   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn
  • The importance of DEEP RELAXATION and how to create that state of mind.
  • What causes UNWORTHINESS and the mechanics underlying the NATURE of EMOTION.
  • How to utilize one CONTEMPLATION and THREE GUIDED MEDITATIONS to help heal unworthiness.
  • How to use the VERIFICATION SHEET to track progress.
  • There are no prerequisites. However, some experience in meditation will be helpful.

Guided Mindfulness Meditations to Heal Unworthiness uses the power of contemplation and meditation to heal deep feelings of unworthiness, inadequacy, and ‘not being good enough’. Quite often, these feelings are found in your wounded inner child. Once your inner child is recognized and healed, we’ll activate your inner truth; you are someone who is deeply loved and perfect as you are. Techniques offered in this course will elevate your self-esteem.

This course includes:

  • Insightful lectures discussing feelings of unworthiness—where they come from and how to heal them.
  • A discussion on the value of deep relaxation and a deep relaxation exercise.
  • One contemplation to expand your perception of yourself from being wounded to deep self-acceptance.
  • Three in-depth meditations, to heal unworthiness and the wounded inner child.
  • A Verification Sheet to chart your progress.

What students are saying:

… the meditations are next-level awesome. Courtney Seard

This course was delivered in a simple to follow fashion. I especially enjoyed the meditations and feel as though I really connected with and was able to truly feel a presence and full-body energy vibrations from each of them. This is a huge plus for me! So many courses and meditations out there that you end up not really connecting with and you leave feeling empty or dissatisfied with. This was not the case with this course. If you are in the early stages of a spiritual journey that you give this a try. You need to be connected with yourself and in the right frame of mind and this course walks you through each stage clearly and with easy to follow exercises. So worth it! Kevin Dickens

Drumheller asks me to go deep right off. He is gentle in his delivery, providing a safe space for me to resolve stuff I thought I had taken care of. I am looking forward to the rest of the course. Susy Goins

Excellent clarification and just amazing. Wow!! Mollie Shannon Ram

Who this course is for:
  • The optimal student will possess a deep desire to heal feelings of unworthiness, ‘not being good enough, and low self-esteem.


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