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Hacker Mindset, FreeTuts Download

Hacker Mindset   Free Tutorial Download

If your organization uses applications, platforms or infrastructures, attackers will try to find ways to exploit them. Understanding how attackers think, what they look for, and what systems can be made to do, is an important step towards protecting your assets. In particular developers and IT staff should be aware of how hackers think. Secura offers insight into this, through the workshop “Hacker Mindset”.

During the Hacker Mindset workshop, a guided, hands-on, technical session will be held where participants will be attacking a vulnerable application. Part frustration, part exhilaration, as these are both key elements in what drives hackers and will help you understand why hackers do what they do. We start with a vulnerable web application, and end with total control over the web server by compounding small design mistakes, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations.


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