Hands-on .NET Web API Documentation with Swagger – OpenAPI

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Hi, there!

I’m Praveen – a C# software engineer with over 15 years of C# .NET development experience in various Enterprise applications including Security & Surveillance systems and Access Control systems. A career in the C# software development industry has been the backbone of my success.


Throughout my C# .NET programming career, I’ve come across many people like you who find programming as a complex subject and struggle to understand coding concepts. I can easily relate your situation to the one I faced during my internship, where I too felt lost without proper guidance and direction on learning programming. Fortunately, for you, I can mentor you during your learning process in this exciting .NET programming field.

Check out the learning path for my courses in Udemy. If you are interested in any of them, click the relevant course link below this bio.

API Development Path:

Step 1: Designing RESTful APIs: Learn to Design API from Scratch

Step 2: OpenAPI Specification for Software Developers

Step 3: Swagger Tools for API Developers

Step 4: Hands-on ASP.NET Web API

Step 5: Hands-on .NET Web API Documentation with Swagger/OpenAPI.

Step 6: The Ultimate YAML Course – Learn YAML from Scratch

Step 7: Postman Tutorial: Getting Started with API Testing

C# Development Path:

Step 1: C# Basics for Absolute Beginners

Step 2: C# Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) for Beginners

Step 3: C# LINQ Essentials

Step 4: Visual Studio Code for C# .NET Developers

Programming Fundamentals Path:

Step 1: Fundamentals of Programming using Flowchart and Pseudocode

I also share my expertise in C# .NET programming through my YouTube channel.

Regarding my hobbies, I listen to Indian music during work. At home, I love playing Xbox games and spending time with my little daughter.

See you in the course video!


Hands-on .NET Web API Documentation with Swagger – OpenAPI, Free Tutorials Download

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