Hebrew For Beginners – Speak Hebrew Like a Native. Vol.1


Have you ever wanted to speak Hebrew?

Have you ever tried learning Hebrew before?

Maybe you’ve tried learning from different resources or in different “Ulpans”, or other Hebrew schools,

but felt that you are not really able to speak?

Most likely, because non of these focused on your actual speaking abilities.

What if I told you,

that there is a method, that will make you speak 90% of the time that you are studying?

And not just speaking, but speaking correct conversational Hebrew.

A method, that is all about the engagement of the learner.

A method, that is focused on the development of the learner’s active speaking abilities.

The concept is simple. It is all about learning small portions of grammar and putting them into immediate use.


For example, we learn the conjugation of the verb to speak in the present tense, write it down in our notebooks, and then exercise with it.

The exercises look like this:

When you see a sentence in English, you pause the video and translate it out loud to Hebrew.

After you’ve done so, you play the video and see if you got it right. If you didn’t, you need to write the sentence down in your notebook.

After watching the whole video, you take a look at your notebook and see what sentences you were not able to get right on your first try.

Afterward, you rewatch the video until you are able to translate every single sentence correctly.

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Not only that you will be practicing your speaking skills, but after each section, there will be a PDF file attached as your homework assignment.

Therefore, you will be practicing not just your speaking skills, but also your writing skills as well.

So, you are probably asking yourself, what will I learn in this course?

In the first section, we will start with greetings and some key expressions.

In this section you will learn:

How to introduce yourself

Ask for a person’s name


Counting from 0 to 100

Saying your age

Asking for help

Starting from the next section, I will introduce you to the method I mentioned earlier.

In this course you will learn:

Personal pronouns.

Several essential verbs in the present tense.

Question words.

The Hebrew syntax.

The locative case.

It’s all about practice and exercise.

The more you speak, write and read, the better you become.

And this is exactly how we are going to work together.

The only thing you will need is a notebook, a pen, and plenty of excitement and motivation to learn such a beautiful and unique language as Hebrew.

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