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“What’s a Hot Seat?”

To truly understand what The Hot Seat at Home Mastermind Edition is, we’re going to go back to the roots.

8 Years Ago, a company known as RSD (Real Social Dynamics) created a revolutionary live event that SHOOK THE WORLD and shattered existing frameworks of reality for every single individual who attended it.

It was called:

The Hot Seat

It wasn’t for the faint of heart, but every single person that came to the event walked away changed… transformed… evolved.

So much so that The Hot Seat became our most popular event, with people from all over the world DYING to get a ticket, and BEGGING us to come to their city.

Here’s how the Hot Seat works:

We take the absolute best infield footage that we have, and we reveal it to you in high-definition so that you can see EVERY DETAIL of the interaction. This is guaranteed to be the most INSANE pickup content you have ever seen in your life. Every type of girl, in every situation imaginable, all filmed in high definition, up-close and personal so you can see EXACTLY what is going on.

Then, we take that high-definition footage, and we BREAK… IT… DOWN… Every little nuance is explained in great detail, every approach, every social interaction, every close… you can see the social dynamics at play right there in front of you, and we give you the map that shows you everything that is going on in that moment in time, and why.

Then, we take the core concepts and principles from the Hot Seat, and we inject them into the most eye-opening, high-impact transformational exercises that exist anywhere on the planet. If seeing is believing, then doing is becoming.

The concepts that are responsible for massive success with women will be INGRAINED into your subconscious so permanently, you will walk away feeling like you just had a brain transplant.

The live events are unlike anything else out there, and if you have the opportunity to attend, you should check them out here: The Hot Seat Transformational Experience

But we didn’t stop there…

We took the raw power of the live event and we tamed it, captured it, and contained it…

We took all of the hard-hitting lessons and takeaways, and we packaged it into an award-winning at-home version that you can enjoy from anywhere in the world.

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