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Creating an inclusive workplace, where every employee feels welcomed, valued, respected, and heard, requires both structural change to your company processes and active allyship in your day-to-day interactions. In this course, Kelsey Bardfield explores common biases in the workplace and tangible ways to shut them down. Kelsey explores privilege and equity, and illustrates the key differences between equality and equity and the importance of doing so. She also discusses key topics like identity, microaggressions, hiring practices, allyship, and inclusion best-practices.

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  • Kelsey Bardfield Manager, Inclusion and Employee Development at Anchore

    Kelsey Bardfield is an inclusion and employee development manager.

    Kelsey manages the employee development and diversity and inclusion programs at Anchore, a DecSecOps software company. With a decade of experience building learning and engagement programs in a variety of tech companies from the well-established (Google and Activision Blizzard), to the hyper-growth (LogicMonitor and Anchore), Kelsey is passionate about creating a work environment where employees feel welcomed, valued, respected, and heard.

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