How To Be Successful In Cryptocurrency



This course is designed for those who has got fundamental knowledge of the cryptocurrency space and would like to level up, hence, being successful in their investment journey. It is aimed at helping you to better understand the market cycles and bring better decisions to maximize profit and reduce risks.

About Ivy:

Ivy is working as a Crypto Specialist for an international digital asset exchange and she is in the crypto space since 2017. She has learnt the hard way, which pushed her to dedicate her time to successfully navigate through the roller coaster of the crypto market and build a constantly growing portfolio. She has been recognized for her success within reputable investors and finance managers from Hungary.

Core topics of this course:

– Trading Fundamentals (trends, indicators, candlesticks, patterns etc.)

– Market Cycles

– Risk Management

– Portfolio Building

– Profit Maximization

– Crypto Taxation

Why Take This Course?

This course is packed with full of information from industry experts. Cryptocurrencies are the best performing and also the most volatile assets in the world, which can either make people rich or being broke. It is important to learn how the market moves and build a bullet proof strategy to not only preserve your investment but also to keep growing it.

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