How to find a career you love Free Download
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How to find a career you love, FreeTuts Download

How to find a career you love  Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • How to find dream jobs you’d love to have.
  • How to create your own career path.
  • How to build a step by step plan to get there.
  • How to save time, money and effort building your career.
  • How to find and research career options.
  • How to evaluate your big career decisions.
  • How to find and talk to experts who work where you want to.
  • How to find your passion.
  • How to find your purpose, motivations and values.
  • How to identify the environment you would love to work in.
  • How to find the skills you want to use and the ones you don’t
  • How to find your tribe – the people that motivate and inspire you.
  • How to research careers the smart way.
  • How to find the right people to ask the right questions to about your career choices.
  • How to identify the things most important to you in your career decisions.
  • How to check out your decisions in the real world.
  • A logical, easy to use, set of career life skills that will help you make your big career decisions now and into the future.


  • This course is for anyone looking to find a career they love. Recommended basic computer knowledge.


This should be everyone’s FIRST career course. One of the most experienced front line practitioners takes you step-by-step from discovering career options you’ll love through to planning your own career path to get you where you want to go.

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No matter where you are now in your career – beginning, middle or end. If you feel like you are stuck or in the wrong place, this course will help you find a career you’ll love and show you how to create a plan to get there.

Logical, step-by-step instruction and fully supported by worksheets and resources. You will explore what’s important to you about your dream job and career. Including your own unique PASSIONS, your PURPOSE and motivations, the skills you want to PERFORM (and don’t!), the type of PLACE you’d love to work and the PEOPLE that inspire and motivate you.

You will learn how to check out your decisions including the reality of the day-to-day before making any big career decisions that cost you your TIME, MONEY and EFFORT.

And once you are happy with your decision we will show you how to create your own career path and build a logical step-by-step plan to get there – FROM WHEREVER YOU ARE RIGHT NOW.

This course, ‘How to find a career you love’ is packed full of straight talking useful advice from a career expert who has travelled around the world helping over 1000 people find, enter and succeed in their own careers.

Delivered in short bite sized videos that explain the WHAT, WHY and especially ‘the HOW’.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking for a set of instructions that teach you how to make your own big career decisions – before you spend time, money and effort.
  • Anyone who wants to find their dream job and work out how to get there from wherever they are now.
  • Teenagers and young adults trying to find their passion, purpose and place.
  • Parents trying to help their kids explore and discover career options step by step right through to the big career decisions.
  • For anyone thinking of starting out on their career.
  • For anyone looking to find their real passion and inspiration.
  • For anyone thinking of leaving high school.
  • For anyone wanting to leave their job and looking to find their passion and purpose.
  • For anyone who wants to find skills they’d love to use
  • For anyone who wants to create a career path and plan to get them where they want to go.
  • For anyone who wants to check out the reality of their big career choices before they commit time, money and effort.
  • For anyone looking to identify the qualifications they need for their career.
  • For anyone who wants to know what type of experience they need to succeed in their career.
  • For anyone who is looking to find the right trade.
  • For anyone looking to re-enter the workforce but can’t decide what to do.
  • For anyone who wants to set their own career path using a logical step by step approach to find a career they can love and a plan to get there.
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How to find a career you love, FreeTuts Download

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