How to find & build your dream home in Costa Rica!


Nisrien is Austrian born with Jordanian roots and is living half of the year in Costa Rica and is based the other half in Vienna. She holds a Master in Business Administration and Sociology from Austria, with having also studied in France & Finland.

She used to work for the European Parliament in Brussels and for international TV stations around the world. In recent years she got known internationally as a Relationship and Digital Dating Expert, who helps Men and Women build healthy trustful relationships and to connect better to their inner self to attract love.

Together with her husband she runs a real estate company in Europe and now invests in Costa Rica.

“I am a part time digital nomad, who fell in love with Costa Rica and see it as my 2nd home.  As a foreigner, I thought that I have not enough knowledge of this market, that it will be too expensive and that the risks to invest are too high. And then a good friend, who was living there explained the buying process to us and broke it down into easy-to-follow simple steps.

My intention of creating the course “How to find your dream home” is to give future prospects, interested to invest but unsure how to do it, that basic knowledge and overall overview to become more self-confident in the buying process and save time and pitfalls, so that the quickly can make their money back with renting out or reselling. ”

If you need more extensive support, after viewing this course, you can join the membership of Nisrien: Pura Vida Travel & Invest!  Or Get in touch, if you are interested, follow her on social media on Nisrien The Singing Datedoc or get in touch on her website.

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