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Hi, meet Faith Nwabuisi, a Udemy instructor! This community not only teach you how to design your first website but will help you in your journey to becoming a full time developer. Please take full advantage of every opportunity to learn.

I teach beginners website design as well as programming using simple approach. My passion and love for design and code writing makes me a right fit to teach and coach starters who want to take up this profession because I also started out in the line of website design as a complete beginner, so I know your curiosity and fears.

Each course taught is concise and tailored in a very easy-to-understand manner. They are also beginner friendly and straight to the point. Hope you’ll have fun learning with me?

Before getting started with your first course, keep a few things in mind

Courses are also published at FaithTuts’ website outside Udemy. You can get access to them upon successful registration and enrollment as well

Consider joining FaithTuts closed Facebook group to meet with other students and get support in your learning journey by asking any question as it relates to your course.

More importantly, don’t forget to have fun while learning!

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