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The Humor in Classrooms module is a priority towards developing a climate of teaching with excellence. The module activates Learning as a priority. With the wisdom of learning within classrooms, the strategies need to be re-visited with all of us to integrate HARMONY and wisdom in totality. Here comes the importance of Humor in practice within classrooms in particular. The research projects it is one of the most innovative and much used practices to promote connect and interactions within the classrooms of the new age. For sure, the humor is rightfully targeted towards sharing notions and connect in particular. The obvious fact lies with the spectrum of managing classrooms in race. The module features the inception of Teachingstyles that have changed significantly over the years. Here we have shared the switch from the traditional way that education was delivered was through recitation and memorisation techniques , whereas the modern way of doing things involves interactive methodswith humor as a priority now for sure with the march of time and tide as a reality in practice for schools and teachers need to dwell as a hobby for now. The module is eyed and segmented towards the participative nature of students within classrooms to get the connect and make learning as a priority for both the teacher and the learner in momentum to share the cause of learning making the best for all and bringing a delight to the stake holders. The need is now for a connect and that is so very possible via the introduction of humor as one of the mantras of teaching practices to be followed for now.

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