HVAC Duct and Fan systems ( Learn to calculate duct size, lo )


This course is for those interested in HVAC Systems,In a series of courses on HVAC systems by Prof Dr Mahesh Shelar different aspects of HVAC systems are being covered.This one is related to air distribution system.Prof Dr Mahesh Shelar a certified Energy Auditor,Consultant and Professor teaching many interesting courses including HVAC for last 22 years has designed this course and presented this to help students as well as engineers and tehnicians interested in HVAC.

The course introduces first with central air conditioning systems .The focus is then on HVAC Duct systems.Both concepts and practical insights are blended in this course.

HVAC ducts design or selection of fan systems to move the air would require an understanding of how the pressure changes in the duct and HVAC equipments and more importantly how  to calculate this pressure drop.

Introduction to Ducts,Introduction to friction charts,Introduction to duct design methods as well as calculation of fitting losses in beds,enlargements,tees,etc  along with pressure drop in  straight ducts and apparatus and finally fan selection based on fan total pressure.

Lecture 1 :How refrigeration and ac cools

Lecture 2 : Introduction to Central AC

Lecture 3 : Duct system introduction,classification etc

Lecture 4 : Duct design methods

lecture 5 :Use of friction chart

Lecture 6 : Fan selection by calculating FTP or external static pressure

Lecture 7 : Pressure drop calculations Basics

Lecture 8: Problem/Numerical explaining calculation of FTP

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Who this course is for:

  • Students curious about HVAC,Those seeking jobs in HVAC

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