Hydraulic schematics and calculation exercises


Hydraulic schematics and calculation exercises   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • How to read hydraulic diagrams
  • Hydraulic diagram symbols
  • How to do basic hydraulic calculations
  • Hydraulic problems
  • How to use the hydraulic diagram editor
  • Choosing the right hydraulic components
  • Hydraulic system sizing


  • Be able to do basic calculus
  • Have a Windows PC for the editor (if you want to make your own circuits)
  • Know English at a medium level
  • Hydraulics 101 (my course) would be preferable


This course is made for mechanical engineering students and anyone who has problems grasping the reading and understanding of the hydraulic circuit diagrams. At first they can seem complicated and entangled but when you approach them studiously and slowly you see that they are pretty intuitive and simple. In the course you will learn how to read and analyze some basic hydraulic circuits as well as do some hydraulic circuit problems and calculations. At the end of the course there is a short lesson on the Bosch Scheme Editor, a free program for your computer on which you can edit and make your own hydraulic circuits. This is a course that goes along side my first course Hydraulics 101, so if you are not familiar with the basics of hydraulic machines I recommend that you take that course first.

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After every lecture there is a quiz so you can recapitulate on your knowledge.

There are 3 sections, the first section is an introduction to hydraulic circuit diagrams, the second section is the part where we will do hydraulic calculations and solve hydraulic problems and the last section is a bonus for people who want to draw their own hydraulic circuit diagrams.

Who this course is for:

  • Engineering students
  • Mechanical engineering students
  • Mechatronics students
  • Hydraulic technicicans
  • People that work with heavy equipment
  • Engineers
  • People interested in hydraulics


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