Indie Filmmaking – Editing Masterclass for Feature Films


This course is a step-by-step guide to editing and executing the post production of cost-effective narrative films. Taught by award-winning filmmaker and educator Luke Aire, it covers everything from importing footage, creative editing, sound editing, color grading, graphics and exporting for distribution.

After gaining his Masters degree in cinematography and post production, Luke has worked on many high-quality low budget films for under $7000.

Luke has adapted a unique approach to low budget film editing and post production and using an actual film project, He shares his knowledge and experience for getting the most out of any project in this course. You will learn the basics of editing, how to edit a scene, produce quality sound

What’s different about this Course?

This course is for you who wants to become a better editor or get an insight into what it takes to edit a low budget feature film on a professional level.

The lessons are taught using a real life film project as a walk through.

The knowledge and experience I’ve gained came from actually working on movie projects and this takes time – time spent making mistakes and learning from both bad and good sources. This course saves you from all that. It gives you an advantage of having all that information in one comprehensive package and fast-tracks your career by a couple of years. It’s a course I wish I had when starting out but never did.

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Why Listen to Me?

I’ve edited several feature films, short films and documentary features. I’ve worked on projects for organizations and brands like Guinness, SuperSport, Facebook and World Bank.

Course Requirements

You need to have some basic editing knowledge and skills. If you’ve never made at least a 3-5 minute story and video, this course might be too advanced for you.

You should also have some knowledge of your editing software of choice; in this case, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition.

What this Course is Not

This is not an introduction course to using Adobe Premiere and Audition. There are a number of entire courses dedicated to that on the Udemy learning platform

Who this course is for:

  • Filmmakers
  • Editors
  • Film Students
  • Film Producers

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