Interactive Animations with CSS and JavaScript Free Download
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Interactive Animations with CSS and JavaScript 1

 Interactive Animations with CSS and JavaScript   Free Tutorial Download

In a world without Flash, mixed-mode animation is a powerful tool for web designers. This course shows how to choose the correct mix of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other assets to deliver polished web-based animations that look great on everything from flat-screen televisions to smartphones. Instructor W. Scott Means focuses on how CSS animations, JavaScript, and SVG can be used to produce sophisticated effects while keeping code complexity to a minimum. As he steps through how to build a dynamic presentation, he covers storyboarding, HTML5 custom elements, working with SVG, DOM manipulation, and more.

Topics include:

  • Storyboarding
  • Creating a dynamic layout with flexbox
  • Interactivity with JavaScript
  • Navigating the DOM
  • Adding animation
  • Controlling animations with classes
  • Manipulating SVG with JavaScript
  • Applying CSS to SVG


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