Intermediate AutoHotkey – Windows Desktop Automation (RPA) Free Download
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Intermediate AutoHotkey – Windows Desktop Automation (RPA), FreeTuts Download

Intermediate AutoHotkey – Windows Desktop Automation (RPA)   Free Tutorial Download

AutoHotkey is an amazing tool that can help automate programs on your windows computer.  In this course we take a deeper-dive into programming with AutoHotkey.  The skills learned in this course will help you develop better Robotics Process Automation software.

I highly recommend you either work through the Intro to AutoHotkeys Udemy course or have ~6 months experience programming in AutoHotkey as we hit the ground running.

We cover a lot of great tools in AutoHotkey in this course.  But don’t worry, you don’t need to be a programmer to understand the course.  Here’s a brief outline of what you’ll learn:

  1. Some great default settings to have in your scripts
  2. Various types of ways to Send data/text/actions to programs
  3. Using a Set Timer to give the illusion of multi-threading
  4. Reading and Writing to .ini files (great ways to store preferences & settings)
  5. Reading and Writing to the Windows Registry
  6. Automating programs with Controls  (amazing way to automate older programs!)
  7. How to automate older programs using their menus
  8. How to work with 5 types of AutoHotkey Loops
  9. How to work with Simple and Associative Arrays / Dictionaries / Maps
  10. How to get help with your code

Take your next steps to learning AutoHotkey and how to put the “personal” back into your computer.

Who this course is for:

  • Guys working in Information Technology at high-tech companies with 10+ years of work experience
  • Everyone that has programs that they would like to automate
  • Beginner AutoHotkey users
  • People that want to work smarter, not harder
  • System Admins that want to streamline their processes
  • People wanting to automate their Windows computers
  • People ready to great tips & tricks to working with AutoHotkey
  • PowerShell users that want a simpler approach to automation
  • BluePrism & Automation Anywhere and UIPath users that are frustrated by programming with GUIs
  • Python users that work solely on a Windows computer and want to automate their local processes
  • Programmers that work with: JavaScript, SQL, Visual Basic, Python, PHP, and Java also frequently use AutoHotkey
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Download  Intermediate AutoHotkey – Windows Desktop Automation (RPA)  Free

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