Internationally Accredited Diploma in Diet Planning Free Download
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Internationally Accredited Diploma in Diet Planning, FreeTuts Download

Internationally Accredited Diploma in Diet Planning, FreeTuts Download

Learn how to Create Your Clients(or your)perfect diet and nutrition plan based on their goals, preferences and lifestyle

Now earn your ‘Internationally Accredited Diploma Certificate in Diet Planning and Weight Management’  certified by CPD Certification Service, which is an independent body that ensures qualifications are in line with the most current professional standards.

Pass Mark: 50% to secure your certificate!

Course Pre-requisite: None

Course Duration: 1-4 weeks

Course Lectures:

See Below.

Quizzes & Graded Exam:

Graded Exam


Internationally Accredited by CPD (Details in the course)

Course & Exam Location: Online

Course Description 

Nutrition and diet is 70% of your results. You gotta nail it down if you are looking for great results.

For the past 17 years, since the day I left my parents house, I have been on my own:




Cooking my Meals Every Single Day.

Diploma in Diet Planning & Weight Management is a summary of what I have learned, analyzed and implemented (related to diet & nutrition) on myself and my clients to help them lose fat/gain muscle or simply to optimize health.

By the end of this course you’ll Learn:

– A simple ‘SEVEN STEP’ process to create a perfect Fat Loss/Muscle Building Diet Plan for your client (it’s fine if you are your own client:))

– Design Diet plans based on your clients Lifestyle & Schedule- Simply choose from 5 Meal Patterns Provided

– Learn the ‘Simple Trick’ to ensure that you are taking in all the essential vitamins/minerals from your diet

– Learn how to calculate the ‘Exact Calories’ based on the approach you choose- Enjoyable | Realistic | Aggressive and based on your goals i.e. Fat Loss/Muscle Building/Optimal Health

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– Learn how to ‘Monitor’ & ‘Track’ your progress and stay on track with your goals

– Learn to estimate your fat loss/muscle building rate per week/month/quarterly

– Learn advanced strategies to ‘breakthrough’ fat loss/muscle building plateaus

Module-1: Seven Steps to Diet Planning and Weight Management  will start off by discussing a simple ‘SEVEN STEP’ process to create a perfect Fat Loss/Muscle Building Diet Plan for your client

Module-2: Meal Structure, Pattern and Framework will dive deep into five most common meal patterns that will allow you to structure your clients meal based on their lifestyle and preferences. This module will also discuss about a concept called Intermittent Fasting and discuss various I.F. patterns that you and your clients can follow for best results.

Module 3: 21 Superfoods to build muscle, lose fat and optimize your and your clients health! Almost 90% of the calories from literally any diet around the world will come from these superfoods listed. That’s, why I haven’t, picked exotic superfoods like spirulina, chlorella, acai berry or even macadamia nuts which are indeed superfoods, but not as readily available and perhaps quite expensive.

Instead, I have picked up superfoods that can be found anywhere in the world, and are affordable for most people.

Being fit and healthy does not have to be expensive, right?

Module 4: Diets of the World! Paleo, Ketogenic, Indian, Mediteterean, Vegan, Standard American Diet and FAB-D diet discussed. These are diets of the world most commonly followed by people all around the world. Our world is shrinking and if you want to be a master diet planner, and have clients all over the world, you need to have a good idea about what your clients are exposed to. 

Module 5: Bonus Resources and Videos

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-Additional reading for all modules, to help you further understand key concepts.

-7 Meal Combo- Vegetarian[With Exact Portions+Calories Counted]

-6 Meal Combo- Non-Vegetarian [With Exact Portions + Calories Counted]

-My Weekly Intermittent Fasting Diet 

-Every meal, every calorie, counted for you!! No Guesswork:) High Protein Meals, Low Carb Meals, Countless Indian Meals all included!

-Advanced Strategies/Methods/Tips to ‘Break Through’ Fat Loss/Muscle Building Plateau


10 High-Powered Quick & Easy Breakfast Recipes

11-Nutritous & Delicious and Easy to Make Lunch/Dinners

15 Yummy Healthy Snacks-On-The-Go

Nutrition Guide [40+ Recipes]+ Shopping List


3 Recipe Videos of me making my Favorite Meals for You:)

Along with visually pleasing lecture slides, you will find a voiceover presentation which explains all the slides in detail plus you will find the accompanying script in case you want to read [Helpful for people who are hearing impaired]

STOP wasting your time with:

– Fad-diets which destroys your health and gives you no results

– Starvation diet which dramatically slows down your metabolism and in the long term causes more weight gain and hormonal imbalances

– Cookie-Cutter-One approach diet plans that your clients can easily find for free online

Instead, learn the Simple ‘Seven’ Step Process that will help you create your ‘Personalized Diet’ with ease for ANY fitness goal.

All Lectures are Video based where I take your through the whole process of creating your diet easily and quickly.

Who is the ideal student for course?

Anyone who wants to know how to create a personalized diet plan for their clients based on their goals and most importantly their schedule and lifestyle

Anyone who is frustrated from following fad diets (paleo/ketogenic/low-carb/low-fat/blood group etc) with ZERO results

Anyone who wants to stop relying on their gym trainers/fitness pals/ to give them a One-approach cookie-cutter diet to them which is NOT according to your cultural preferences, habits/behaviors, schedule, lifestyle and goals

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And Lastly,

This course is perfect for anyone who just cannot give up favorite foods like ice-creams, pizzas/burgers even alcohol to lose-weight or get fit.


Let me say this: You DO-NOT have to give up your favorite foods to get fit or lose weight/build muscle

I have given three approaches that you can select based on how you would like get results:

The Enjoyable Approach 

This approach is ideal for people who:

-Party out a lot

-Are Big Foodies

-Have a strong inclination towards eating junk food/sweets etc

They want to lose weight/get fit but are NOT ready to give up their favorite foods or their lifestyle to get results.

I have provided videos to explain the estimated rate of fat loss/muscle gain based on this approach & other two approaches

i.e. Realistic | Aggressive 

Life is too short to give-up Ice-Creams Anyways.

Be the driver. Choose the ‘Exact’ Way You Want to Create your very own diet plan.

Decide the process, know what to expect & get Fit & Healthy.

So LET me ask this question:

Would you pay less than the cost of ONE MEAL in a restaurant to completely figure out the diet planning process that is literally counts more than 70% of your health and fitness results and at the same time, make your more marketable by adding this as a fabulous skill to your resume?

Info Tutorials/Courses

  • 3.5 hours on-demand video
  • 19 Articles
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
  • [Size: 1.4 GB]

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