Introduction to Fourier Transform and Spectral Analysis


I received a PhD in physics and have spent nearly four decades in the field in both an academic and professional capacity. Some of the areas I’ve worked in include biomedical engineering, image processing, magnetic recording, ultra-high-speed digitizers, as well as communication and signal processing algorithms.

As an educator, I have the opportunity to teach at leading universities including Stanford University, Santa Clara University, the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), and the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute. My courses aim to instill the most core and essential skills necessary to build a deep and thorough understanding of the topic at hand. I omit unnecessary and complicated details that leave students overwhelmed to clarify what information is actually important.

I currently hold more than 20 US patents, contribute extensively to technical journals, and have published 6 books as well as over 60 scientific papers. I was fortunate to start my career working with Vladimir Kotelnikov, who is considered one of the inventors of sampling theorem and modern signal and communication theory alongside Claude Shannon and Harry Nyquist. For many years I worked within the IBM Research Center. Today, I am a fellow at Western Digital Corporation in California and enjoy teaching in my spare time.

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