Introduction to OOP Programming in Java EE


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OOP is the programming paradigm that follows the ‘classes and objects’ approach. This makes code more compact and accurate. Rather than defining each and everything individually, in OOP, we create objects and recall them whenever needed. This also makes a code compact and easily accessible. This course will teach you about OOP and how to write codes using OOP. We will learn this with Java Enterprise Edition.

This course starts your journey by refreshing your knowledge of basic OOP concepts and how to implement them in real Java code. Once you understand the concepts and how to implement them, we’ll look at more advanced OOP topics that will help you write professional code that is easy to test and easy to extend. You also get to learn many concepts of how a program operates complex concepts in OOP. What’s more? You will also get to know about JavaBeans and Spring.

By the end of this course, you will have mastered OOP and will be able to write the codes like a pro. You will also have gathered a good knowledge of Java EE, spring, JavaBeans and so much more!

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