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Elements not only lets you make your photos look great, but also helps you organize your photos and gives you some pretty neat projects in which to use them. The program even comes loaded with lots of easy ways to share photos. The list of what Elements can do is pretty impressive. You can use it to:

  • Enhance photos by editing, cropping, and color-correcting them, including fixing exposure and color problems.
  • Add all kinds of special effects to images, like turning a garden-variety photo into a drawing, painting, or even a tile mosaic.
  • Combine photos into a panorama or montage.
  • Move someone from one photo to another, and even remove people (your ex?) from last year’s holiday photos.
  • Repair and restore old and damaged photos.
  • Organize your photos and assign keywords to them so you can search by subject or name.
  • Add text to images and turn them into things like greeting cards and flyers.
  • Create slideshows to share with friends, regardless of whether they use Windows, a Mac, or even just a cellphone.
  • Automatically resize photos so they’re ready to email either as regular email attachments or in specially designed emails.
  • Create digital artwork from scratch, even without a photo to work from.
  • Create and share incredible online albums and email-ready slideshows that will make your friends actually ask to see your vacation photos.
  • Store photos online so you can get to them from any computer. You can organize your photos online, and upload new images directly to your personalized website. You can also keep an online backup of your photos, and even sync albums so that when you add a new photo from another computer, it automatically gets sent to your home computer, too.
  • Create and edit graphics for websites.
  • Create wonderful projects like collages and calendars that you can print or share with your friends digitally. Scrapbookers—get ready to be wowed.
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It’s worth noting, though, that there are still a few things Elements can’t do. While the program handles text quite competently, at least as photo-editing programs go, it’s still no substitute for QuarkXPress, InDesign, or any other desktop-publishing program. And Elements can do an amazing job of fixing problems in your photos, but only if you give it something to work with. If your photo is totally overexposed, blurry, and the top of everyone’s head is cut off, there’s a limit to what even Elements can do to salvage it. (C’mon, be fair.) The fact is, though, you’re more likely to be surprised by what Elements can fix than by what it can’t.

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