Introduction to Photoshop with a Tablet with Erika Wiseman


Adobe Photoshop, a graphics tablet (with or without a display), and a computer
Some previous art experience needed
Photoshop is a multi-use software, so it can do MANY different things, eg: photo-editing, graphic design, digital painting and more. It is intended for professionals and contains a ton of customizable settings, tools and features. Because of this, getting started with Photoshop may seem quite overwhelming, to say the least! How do you figure out what you need, where to find it and how it all works, without getting frustrated and confused?

Well, don’t despair! Learning how to use Photoshop CAN actually be fun!

In this course, Erika will show you exactly what tools and features are important for digital art and which ones you can ignore. She will give you a great overview of everything you need to know about digital drawing and painting in this software! Not only that, she will walk you through her process of using Photoshop to create an illustration, so you can learn by example! 🙂

After this course, you’ll be fully equipped to produce your own fantastic digital artwork and enjoy the process!

What you’ll learn
Discover Photoshop’s interface, including all essential tools & shortcuts for digital art
Turn a sketch on paper into a fully-colored, beautiful digital painting
Familiarize yourself with a graphics tablet and learn to adjust its settings
How to take good photos of your art and edit them in Photoshop
Master ‘Hue/Saturation’, ‘Color Balance’ and Blend Modes to adjust your colors and create shadows/highlights
Learn how to set up and work with layers to speed up your process
Who is this course for
Artists who are brand-new to Photoshop and want to learn how to draw/paint digitally
Artists looking to brush up on Photoshop’s features and tools to enhance their workflow

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