Introduction to Rust Programming

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Introduction to Rust Programming – Basic Tutorial programming language

Learn to build a concurrent , fast and robust application in Rust. From learning the basic syntax to writing complex functions.

About This Video

Write object-oriented code, work with generics, conduct pattern matching and build macros.
Learn the fundamental features of Rust that will help application developers build concurrent applications
Get started with the language and enables you to build scalable and high-performance applications
In Detail

Rust is a highly concurrent and high performance language that focuses on safety and speed, memory management, and writing clean code. It also guarantees thread safety, and its aim is to improve the performance of existing applications. It has been backed by Mozilla to solve the critical problem of concurrency.

In this video, you will learn to build concurrent, fast, and robust applications. From learning the basic syntax to writing complex functions, this video is your one-stop guide to get up to speed with the fundamentals of Rust programming. We cover the essentials of the language, including high performance networking. We’ll explain in detail the fundamentals of Rust programming. You’ll will learn how to write object-oriented code, work with generics, conduct pattern matching, and build macros.

By the end of video, you will be able to write applications in Rust.

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Manufacturer: Pakkt Publishing
Language of instruction: English
Moderator: Syed Omar Faruk Towaha
Level of training: Preliminary
time of training: 1 hour + 10 minutes
File size: 492 MB

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