Introduction To Swing Trading With Options


Introduction To Swing Trading With Options   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • How To Open A Paper Trading Account
  • The Risks Of Trading Options
  • How to Use Technical Analysis to Read A Stock Chart
  • What In-The-Money, At-The-Money and Out-Of-The-Money Means
  • What a Short Call and What a Short Put Are
  • What a Long Call and What a Long Put Are
  • What an Expiration Date Is, and Why It Matters
  • How To Determine The Market Trend/ Posture
  • Learn To Read An Options Chain
  • What is Intrinsic and Extrinsic Value for an Options Contract
  • How To Use a Stop-Loss
  • How to Buy a Call, With Example
  • How to Buy a Put, With Example
  • How to Sell a Call, With Example
  • How to Sell a Put, With Example
  • How To Calculate Potential Profit For Your Options Trade


  • Basic Understanding of The Stock Market Is An Asset


This course is designed to give the student a well rounded introduction to swing trading using options.

Many people make over 6 figures per year, and some much more, using the strategies outlined outlined in my courses.

This course is a pre-requisite to: Swing Trading Options: Master Cash-Flow

Learn all the necessary fundamental basics needed to master swing trading with options. Using a paper trading account, the student will be able to master this new skill and eventually apply it to real life and real life profit.

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Enjoy and Happy Learning!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Interested in Learning to Trade Options
  • Retiree
  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Family
  • Employee

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