iOS Emoji Apps Development – From scratch to publishing Free Download
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iOS Emoji Apps Development – From scratch to publishing, FreeTuts Download

iOS Emoji Apps Development – From scratch to publishing, FreeTuts Download

iOS Emoji Apps Development – From scratch to publishing

The world has the emoji fever, Celebrities and brands are creating sticker packs for iPhone & iPad users to use in iMessage. Users love it and use them to express their emotions and to them they are just some small tiny images. For us, developers and Entrepreneurs, this is a Billion Dollar Market and a massive opportunity.

You will learn how to;

  1. Find great ideas for your emojis apps
  2. Market research your ideas
  3. How and where you can get art for your emoji app
  4. How to make art yourself (Photoshop – Gimp)
  5. How to make an  emoji app (NO CODING)
  6. Market your app
  7. How to make $30,000 A Month (Formula) with an emoji app business

A few years ago, companies were selling “The Emoji App Blueprint” and people were buying them, putting in their art and uploading them. Apple realized that this market is so massive they launched their own template for emoji apps which is called “Sticker pack”. In order to make an emoji app on iOS all you need to do is drag your images into a Xcode folder and upload them. You don’t have to code them at all.

Though the process on its own is fairly simple but just drawing random expressions and putting them into a sticker won’t make a great app, it won’t get sales.

There is lot more going into emoji apps, and luckily we did this research before releasing this course. We made an iOS app ( iDroplets – Say it with a sticker ) and conducted lots of tests on it and as soon as we launched we got featured by Apple in 100+ countries on the 8th day for 21 days and our app was getting millions of impressions daily.

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Now we made this course completely based on our research and teach you stuff which nobody else teaches on the internet, everything is so detailed that anyone can follow this course, be it a 10 year old who wants to learn how to make iOS app or a professional paid developer who wants to start an emoji empire, Either way I will teach you step by step so you can get started in no time!

The voiceover for the lectures in this course is done by Scott from GlitchyBots team.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make emoji apps
  • Anyone who wants to have a passive income.

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